Yuhan Fu

About me 

Innovative Architect driven to push creative limits by experimenting with cutting edge design concepts. I see interior design as one of the elements of self-expression, I attempt to create designs that come from my personal stories, be it through my cultural upbringing or preference of aesthetics, and place it under an umbrella of contemporary society. What I find most important is the designer's ability to become a translator: I attempt to see what my audience wishes to see, and translate their language, their vision, into a relatable piece that feels like theirs. This ability to transform and translate is one of the biggest reasons why I became so obsessed with art and design.



A vibrant and sustainable place that combines culture and heritage, providing creative spaces, and encourages investment, collaboration and innovation. “Art Castalia” is for artists creating art works, and also for the general public to communicate with art. Parallax Art Centre (WBPS) will focus on light as an inspiration for creating art. The whole design will devote light to space, both natural light and artificial light, which through its innovation and design shows the interest in the poetics of space, color, and materiality. The pressure of light allows the design to create spaces with uniformly distributed light, by adjusting the method in which daylight comes in and the way light is directed. 


The whole site is divided into five parts: control space-information Centre, learning and communicating space- public lecture theatre, experiencing space- the intermediary building, creating space – artist studio and working area, and the central space- exhibition hall. By taking into consideration the space for communication, the functions for exhibiting, working, and the relationship with the surrounding environment, the creation of diversity and richness in the building was intended by controlling the concept of Parallax by using light, and is represented by different materials (innovation and sustainability). The other design context is using bold and brilliant colors to highlight different functions of a space. The main colors used are red and white, the former symbolizing energy, passion and drive, and the latter representing partitions, furniture and seating areas, which can be moved around to create and change the space.