Yvonne Li

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About me 

Having grown up learning traditional art forms and mediums, the blurred line between architecture and art has always fascinated me. Architecture becomes a medium, a physical manifestation of the experiential, being able to create spatial experiences which evoke the same emotion and appreciation as art exudes to an audience. As a aspiring storyteller of spaces and art alike, I hope to write and illustrate my own picture book one day.

wh te sp ce


The White Bay Power Station has sat derelict for over 30 years as a statement of built form against the continual advancement of modern society becoming an introvert within a connecting communities of art, design and history. Its formidable yet fragile form creates the perfect opportunity become bridge between its imposing purposeful introverted past as a power station and connecting to the present fluidity and flexibility of contemporary society. 'White Space' reactivates the power station, balancing between its fragile heritage within and its solid form through the design of a creative commune.


White Space delves into the notion of permanency and stability by challenging the existing imposing presence of the White Bay Power Station. Its interior purposefully juxtaposes the solidity of the existing through allusion of spatial and sensual ambiguity. The dialogue formed between the forms of the existing and new insertions evoke and highlight the creativity is produced within. The play on transparency and lightness of space through fabrics against the the towering machinery scattered throughout the building creates a sense of mystery and curiosity as one would have towards art and design. The delicacy of linen, cheesecloth and voile used to frame spaces defy the sense of permanency which are often connoted to power stations and galleries. Large voids throughout the circulation areas and gallery spaces invites natural light to flow into previously dark spaces diffusing the distinction between interior and exterior creating a serene calming atmosphere into the creative spaces.

Gallery space framing the existing boiler
Suspended Ceiling Track System
Custom Furnishings
The suspension: Horizontal circulation
Stair Detail
Custom perforations in Stairs
Lighting detail for Basement level